Do or Do Not, There is no Try… -Yoda

I am a fan of Star Wars mainly because of the messages behind and tucked into those movies. I also have a Si-Fi part of me tucked away as some of you know. I assume that many if not most people are aware of who Yoda is in the movies. If not, to sum it up, Yoda is a Jedi master. This might be similar to a Zen + Samurai elite. Above is one of his quotes which I think sums up this week’s training ideals.

When operate under a perspective of Black and White we are in a (either, or) perspective.  It is important to note that most of us see in some type of color spectrum and not Black and White. However, looking at things in Black and White can help us to determine what is and what is not from our perspective.

My point is that in training and life there are those who wait to feel good to act, (train). Then there are those who train or (act) to feel. Those who act don’t always feel good, at times they too, feel bad. However, they are aware of the fact that they must feel bad in order to feel good enough. This become a process in which they take feeling bad over waiting because they know that feeling good enough and possibly great is just around the corner or up ahead on the trail.

Either  way, both types of people take part in a behavior. The inclination for either behavior grows stronger the more a person does of either. The more often we get up to train and train. The more likely we are to do it again in spite of how we feel.

Thought to pounder for this week…am I an athlete who waits to feel good to run or am I one that believes that good feelings will come if I move. I believe myself to be the latter and through that I am taking an active purposeful roll in changing my environment. This might in Yogarien  ideology, be what Yoda was getting at with his statement of “do or do not, there is no try”.

Good training and happy trails…

The Unbridled Runner.

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